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Driven by the belief that everyone possesses artistic capacities, Juilliard’s K–12 Programs and Initiatives inspire a deepened relationship to the performing arts. The program brings Juilliard’s philosophies of teaching dance, drama, and music to classrooms around the world. Our innovative approach brings together inspiring face-to-face experiences and robust digital resources to cultivate personal artistry, curiosity, and empathy in emerging global citizens. We seek to inspire and equip students with the skills, curiosity, and awareness to engage with the performing arts in meaningful ways throughout their lives.

“With this groundbreaking work, we are igniting creativity in students around the world, encouraging their lifelong engagement with the performing arts, and developing a truly expansive and full educational experience.”
        — Damian Woetzel, President of Juilliard


The Juilliard Approach to K–12 Classroom Instruction

The Juilliard Approach to Classroom Instruction is built on contemporary research, innovative educational practices, and the vast artistic resources of The Juilliard School. As a framework for twenty-first century arts learning, we prioritize creativity, rigorous thinking, and artistic excellence in our work. Through active exploratory learning and engagement with high-quality works of dance, drama, and music, we ignite student creativity and foster curiosity. Students develop ownership of their learning, find their own artistic voice, and think and work imaginatively, which can have lasting effects in all academic subjects.

How Is the Juilliard Approach Delivered?

Juilliard Creative Classroom is a digital repository of educational resources for working with students, ages 4–18. These materials—comprised of experiential, age-appropriate activities, high-quality video and audio assets, and professional development resources for teachers—are created at Juilliard by a staff of experienced teaching artists.  Once granted access, teachers can utilize the entire site, but they typically only teach within their discipline (music, dance, or drama). Each discipline is structured around masterful works of performing art that we refer to as our Core Works.

Professional Development offers teachers in-school sessions with Juilliard Curriculum Specialists and workshops led by Juilliard experts both at regional locations and at The Juilliard School in New York. Professional Development course work is also available online through Juilliard Creative Classroom and can be conducted independently or as a means of team-building within the school.

Creative Classroom for Juilliard Global K-12 Programs

The Juilliard Approach Whiteboard Video

K–12 Programs and Initiatives


“The sessions were not only inspiring for me as an artist, but all of the sessions looked at modeling outstanding teaching in fine detail. From content and structure to questioning and reflection, the approach teaches you to explore the ways in which we can reach students in an open and encouraging way.”
      — 2019 Drama Professional Development participant


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