For Students and Parents

Currently enrolled MAP students and their parents will need a Juilliard login and password to access schedules, grades, and other curriculum-related information.

For assistance with your login, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

Academic Resources

A Juilliard login and password are required to access these resources. 

MAP's space on MyJuilliard contains detailed calendars and schedules, forms, policies and procedures, announcements, and more. 

CANVAS is Juilliard's portal for managing syllabi and other classwork-related resources.  

Through Cadence, students and parents can look up class schedules, check grades, and download transcripts.

MAP Academic Calendar 2023-24

September 16 MAP Orientation Day (in-person)
September 23 First day of classes
November 25 NO CLASSES (Thanksgiving Recess)
December 23 & 30 NO CLASSES (Winter Recess)
January 6 Classes Resume
January 13 Last Day of Fall Semester
January 20 First Day of Spring Semester
March 9 NO CLASSES (Spring Recess 1) / MAP Recruitment Day
March 30 NO CLASSES (Spring Recess 2)
May 11 Last Day of Classes
May 18 Jury Exams (current students) & Entrance Auditions (applicants)
May 25 Preparatory Division Commencement

MAP Academic Calendar 2024-25

September 7 MAP Orientation (in-person)
September 14 First Day of Classes
October 12 NO CLASSES (Yom Kippur)
November 30 NO CLASSES (Thanksgiving Recess)
December 21 Last Saturday of Prep Division Classes in 2024
December 28 & January 4  Winter Recess
January 11 Classes Resume | Last Saturday of Fall Semester
January 18 Spring Semester Begins
March 8 NO CLASSES (Spring Recess 1) | MAP Recruitment Day
April 19 NO CLASSES (Spring Recess 2)
May 10 Last Saturday of Spring Semester
May 17 Jury Exams (current students) and Entrance Auditions (applicants)
May 24 Preparatory Division Commencement

Academic Policies

Evaluation and Grades

All Preparatory Division classes have a fall term and a spring term. Final grades for each semester are posted on WebAdvisor no later than three weeks following the last Saturday of the term and appear on the student's transcript. All faculty members use traditional letter grades. The Preparatory Division does not compute grade point averages for students.

Any student who receives a grade of "B-" or below in any of their classes will be placed on academic status (concern, warning, or probation).

Absences and Tardiness

MAP students are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes on time each Saturday. Students will be allowed two (2) absences during the fall semester and two (2) absences during the spring semester without penalty to their grade. Additional absences may result in a lowering of the student’s grade, and/or the student being placed on a status of concern, warning, or probation. Lateness may also result in the lowering of a student’s grade at the instructor’s discretion. Excessive absences may result in dismissal from the program.

Readmission to MAP

Re-admission to MAP each year is not automatic. Families must indicate on their Student Intent Form if they wish to re-apply for MAP for the upcoming year. This officially notifies the office of the student’s interest in returning and begins a process to determine if the student will be recommended for re-admission by the faculty. Only when the student has shown satisfactory progress and commitment in all areas of study, will he/she be considered for re-admission. A notification letter will be sent after jury examinations in May as to the student’s reinstatement status.

If the student has not shown a satisfactory degree of commitment to the program, or is under concern, warning, or probationary status, he/she may not be re-admitted. The MAP administrators do their best to make early diagnoses of academic, attendance, or attitude problems; however, it is up to the student and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) to communicate with the teachers and make improvements in all aspects of performance.


For further information, please refer to the Preparatory Division Student-Parent Handbook or contact:

The Juilliard School
Music Advancement Program (MAP)
60 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023
(212) 799-5000, ext. 398
Email: [email protected]